Monday, 28 May 2007

Sock rage

Finally a knitting post! But it is an angry knitting post!!

My favourite thing to knit is socks - I love them. They are quick, easy & really portable so I can take them wherever I want. In my eyes socks are the perfect knitting project.

So, when I started this pair of socks I thought it may be a small challenge but I'd be okay. How wrong could I be!

Firstly, I couldn't read the pattern & neither could anyone at my knitting group, then I didn't bother swatching as this was my 5th pair of socks & IO knew my size & had to rip back 3.5 inches of knitting as I couldn't get the sock over my ankle.
I managed the wavey edge cast on & a new type of heel - check out the photos.

Next I had to work out how to pick up the pattern again after the heel, I picked it up, ripped it back, picked it up, ripped it back, put it down, phoned a friend, took it to knitting club! And finally decided to just pick up however I liked & hoped for the best.
The good news is that I'm halfway down the foot now but I'm not convinced about the pattern, when I've finished, I'll post some more pics.

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