Monday, 31 December 2007

End of the year

Well, that's it, almost another year over & done with - I wonder where the time goes as it doesn't seem like a year could have gone by so quickly?!

I thought I'd finish by showing you what's on my needles & I'm hoping to have finished fairly soon.

The purple item is a Rowan pattern - Nell by Martin Storey, it was a free pattern with Simply Knitting. However, progress on that is at a standstill as I broke my needle, well, I broke the joining cable of my circ, which is pretty disastrous!! And actually, the picture with the broken needle shows the colour a bit better - it's in between both those pictures, a very dark purple.

Then there's my Pomatomus' which are looking pretty good even if I say so myself. I thought they would be harder than they are as the pattern is charted & I've never knitted from a chart before but it seems to be going okay. I only cast them on 2 days ago so I'm pleased with them - the pattern & yarn.

The only thing left to say now is Happy New Year & here's to 2008!!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

I am Legend

I've had a lovely Christmas which I spent with my husband & cats, eating & sleeping. And on Boxing Day we visited our friends & enjoyed a great day with them & today to round things off nicely, we went to the cinema to see I Am Legend.

I enjoyed the film, it was creepy, not enough of the monsters though & yeah, it had a Hollywood ending but by goodness, the book is bleak & depressing, so I liked the change at the end of the film. Here's the game from the site. I think it's quite hard as the time limit is pretty challenging but give it a go & see what you think.

And I finally saw the trailer for Cloverfield at last!! I am so excited about that - I could barely contain myself!!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Wishes

Ta da - this is what I was cooking yesterday, a delicious Christmas ham. I am really pleased with it & it tastes as good as it looks! I would even go as far as to say it's my best one yet!

As it's Christmas Eve at last, Happy Christmas to everyone & a very peaceful 2008, I hope it brings you what you want. And for anyone who is still knitting, this is for you!

Even The Reindeer Are Knitting!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land
Every knitter was knitting, quite fast, with both hands.
New socks off the needles hung chimney-side there,
In hopes that they'd dry—just soon enough to wear.
The kitties snuggled purring in warm woolly afghans,
That square by square grew from bits, bobs, and yarn-ends.
And Hubby in his hoodie, and I in knit cap,
Sat desperately knitting, half-done gifts in each lap.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
That our pointy sticks poked!
And THAT stopped all our chatter.
To the window we flew as though yarn were on sale
And pulled back the drapes, the view to unveil.
The moon on the gusset of our newly-knit socks
Revealed no holes that anyone might mock;
Just a miniature sleigh, not knitted at all,
And eight tiny reindeer—they were really quite small!
There was a little old knitter, casting on stitches so quick,
That I knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick.
(Not my husband, my Nick, though he's a nice dude—
'Twas the REAL St. Knitster, all jolly attitude!)
Each reindeer had yarn and needles a-clicking;
Each was knitting and knitting—because the clock was still ticking!
They'd come here to help, with gift knitting gone wild—
To help with our knitting!—and so we both smiled.
More rapid than lace knitters those coursers they knit;
And The Knitster shouted names that had changed just a bit:
"Now, Cashmere! Now, Cotton!
Now, Llama and Linen!
On Quiviut! On Lambswool!
On, Mohair and Rayon!
To the end of the row! To the last stitch of them all!
Now bind off and cast off and then proudly stand tall!"
The Jolly One stood surveying his team,
As they grafted and backstitched to sew up each seam.
Each piece blocked by magic, and dried in a wink,
And soon every reindeer (each smiling, I think)
Had sweaters and scarves and warm mittens piled high—
And stockings, of course! All were laid nigh.
The knitting was done! Not a stitch out of place!
And St. Knitster looked on, a wide grin on his face.
Then laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!
Then we heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight:
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
Sandi Wiseheart - Knitting Daily

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Spirit

I'm getting in to the Christmas spirit & am going to start cooking Christmassy food in a minute but before I do, I wanted to show you all our Xmas decorations which we've bought from various holidays. I think they're a fab way to remember where you've been.

By the way, Portishead were fab & the new tracks sound pretty good, which is unusual for the first hearing but my goodness, the support band was terrible! I know most bands start off as support for someone & we've seen The Feeling & Razorlight as support but Team Brick was bad & it just reminded us of why we try to miss the support act!!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Early Christmas Present

Way back in the summer, I asked my husband if he'd buy me a tattoo for Christmas & I must have asked him whilst he was having a funny five minutes because he actually said Yes!! So, I've waited & waited until yesterday & I went to have my new tattoo. And here's the photos of before & after, with a close up!!

My goodness, it hurt loads & it was only the tattooist, Kamil, being very quick that stopped me fainting!! I'm really pleased with it & can't wait to show it off this summer - look out Bristol!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Glory Box

Woohoo - I'm very excited!! I managed to get tickets to see Portishead tonight in Bristol!! The gig was announced last Friday whilst we were rushing off to my sister in law's wedding & promptly 'sold out' within minutes.

After agonising over whether to pay a stupid amount for tickets on Ebay, I decided to call the venue & check for returns, which they don't do BUT the lovely man who answered the phone said very cryptically "Call this number, they may have tickets, they may not" I'll called & lo & behold they had tickets at face value!! Yippee!! So, my words of wisdom for anyone who thinks a gig is sold out are always ring the venue & check because there's always hope.

Whilst I was looking at Ebay yesterday I found 10 reasons this blogger loves to knit socks - I would have to add that buying yarn for socks is relatively cheap & so pick me up for under £10!!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Post wedding blues

It's been a perfect weekend - my sister in law got married on Saturday & it was wonderful - pics to follow.

But in recovering today, I found this & it made me giggle!!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

It's been a vile weekend weather-wise but I just don't care as Christmas has arrived in our house.

We went to see Mamma Mia last night & it was absolutely brilliant. It's a real feel good show with songs everyone knows the words to. Admittedly, the story has to stretch a little bit to fit those songs but who cares - the winner takes it all!

Then today we put our Christmas tree & decorations up then settled in to watch It's a Wonderful Life!

Friday, 30 November 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, it's a bit of anticlimax really. I mean, getting to the end of the NaBloPoMo

I made it & remembered to blog every day for a whole month. I enjoyed it in an odd kind of way because I could just blog about anything & let's be honest, I have!

And because I've been knitting Christmas socks for ages, I haven't really blogged about knitting or pop, as I haven't been to any gigs for a while & I'm guessing that The Snow Queen & 42nd Street don't quite cut it.

I hope that I'll carry on blogging on a fairly regular basis although I think I'll try for a bit more knitting content or a bit more pop.

See you in December!!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

News from a friend

I was going to write about the usual trivial crap & then I found out that one of my friends has been diagnosed as having breast cancer & is going into hospital next week!!

I don't think I can really write much today as I am a bit freaked out by it.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I just don't believe it!

I can't believe that I nearly messed up yesterday & missed posting so close to the end of the month. I know at the end of the month I won't post every day but I think that I will keep posting as I've enjoyed wittering on about nothing in particular!

As nothing very exciting has been happening, today is another cat pic day - Millie has now got a taste of internet fame & just wants more. Who am I to deny her?

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

close shave

Phew - I nearly forgot to blog today! I was in bed, tucked up with my hot water bottle & I woke myself up & came to write today's entry for NaBloPoMo. And what an arse that would have been so close to the end of the month!!

Back to bed then - see you tomorrow

Monday, 26 November 2007


I'm very excited, I've just seen the 2nd Cloverfield trailer!

The trails for this started back in the summer, with the first trailer being shown in the US after The Transformers & the Unfiction forums went mental, with hundreds of posts appearing hour after hour & this first trailer being ripped to pieces & every little detail being analysed a thousand ways.

They were right - the film is called Cloverfield & it's looking good & creepy but we've got to wait until Feb 2008 & it's out on the 18th Jan in the US, so it's a fair bet that we'll know all about it by the 20th.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Arts and Crafts

I love the North Bristol Art Trail for a number of reasons, not least because I get to squiz* at other peoples' home.

So I joined in today, traipsing round the badlands of Bishopston, checking out the (mostly) over priced 'arts' & generally having a good luck at the houses that were open. And then I found this, which just took my breath away.

Obviously, I want to see other crafters getting on & making money from whatever it is that they do but come on!! This is just taking the piss! The yarn this person was talking about was cheap shit, pound shop yarn which feels lovely the first time you touch it but after about 10 seconds goes all yucky - argh, it annoyed me so much I had to go home!!

I did find some things that I loved - these bracelets, this jewellery, this jewellery and these prints & there's my wish list for the coming year.

*squiz - to look around in a very nosey fashion

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Quick blog post

I'm visting friends today so this is a really quick post & it's something that I've 'found' over at glittyknittykitty.

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are plastic.Futuristic, milky, and silky, you are willing to go where no crafter has gone before. You can do just about anything, with strength agility, and pretty colors to boot! While you are good at slipping and sliding out of sticky situations, remember to stay where and when you are needed. Don't overdo it on star gazing when there's earthbound knitting to be done!
Take this quiz!


Make A Quiz More Quizzes Grab Code

Friday, 23 November 2007

New project

As I've finished my cable rib socks I've cast on my next project, which is the BAWK hot water bottle cover in delicious Lang Mille Colori

I've put a picture of with & without the flash as I think the flash picture (right) shows the colour best & the non-flash shows the cables.

I cast on last night & it's going fairly quickly - I've made a bit of a mistake on the last cable as I was paying too much attention to the Mighty Boosh!! Fatal!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Crikey, kitties!

I am so excited - Millie is on someone else's blog!! And not just any old someone but someone who has had her book published!!

Check this out - yep, I entered my 2 kitties in to Crazy Aunt Purl's cat sweater competition & even though we didn't win, we got a special grumpy cat mention. Go grumpy Millie!

Back to last night & we had a blast at Knit Chicks. We had our photos taken for the Short Encounter Festival, not that we had anything to do with it but we were there knitting as usual. Rain showed off her tattoos - you'll have to ask her about those. We were nearly joined by a gentleman who's table we took over but we couldn't quite convince him that we didn't bite. And I finally finished my one Christmas knit present, which is such a relief as it seems like I've been knitting it forever!!

So, here they are Cable Rib socks from 25 Favorite Designs by Interweave, knitted in Opal sock yarn.

I'm really pleased with them even though the cables are slightly different over the heels because I forgot to do one set of them. It was a enjoyable & easy pattern to knit which I think would suit both men & women.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Just got in from Knit Chicks - lots stitching, bitching & knitting tonight! So much more about that tomorrow with photos of a finished object! I know, what a surprise from me but I've finally finished something - check back tomorrow for proof!

So, here's some lazy blogging with more cat pics...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Any dream will do

We went to see Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat yesterday & it was brill!! My husband has been looking forward to it since about March & we were watching the TV show.

We had Craig as Joseph, Keith as the Narrator & Chris B as a brother (I can't remember which one) - Craig & Chris were good but Keith was brilliant! He was so much better than he was on TV, he held the stage & was fab. In fact, Keith reminds me of John Barrowman.

Everyone there seemed to enjoy it, the lady sitting next to me was rocking! She knew all the words, sang along, did the hand movements, everything - if you happen to be reading this, you know who you are!

Go & see it if you get the chance! And watch out for all of these as I think they'll all go on & on in musical theatre.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Deep breaths

Hmm, I'm not sure what came over me yesterday. It's going back to Worthing I'm sure!

Anyway, normal transmission today - check out the Cute - feeling stressed, angry, grumpy or generally hacked off with everyone in the world, after looking at these pics you won't be any more.

Also here's some more of my stash - I've taken to hiding it all over the house....

Sunday, 18 November 2007


I have a difficult relationship with most of my family. Well, I say difficult when actually what I mean is no relationship with them! I'm the oldest of six children & I manage to speak to just one of my brothers - the one I visited this weekend. My dad died when I was quite young, I have no aunts or uncles to speak of & no grandparents alive & the less said about my Mum & our relationship, the better. I'm not complaining, just saying how it is.

So, to go back to Worthing on Friday, on my own was really hard. I left home on the evening of my last A-level & haven't really looked back & it's kind of like Worthing has stayed mostly the same.

This is my little brother, Toby & his two boys. When I see him with his kids, I can't believe that he's younger than me! He seems so grown up.

And this is the whole family - Toby, Daniella & the 3 children. I'm so proud of T & D & what they've acheived - they have 3 beautiful children, a lovely home & a mad dog!

Saturday, 17 November 2007


I'm at my brother's house today in Worthing & we have been Googling ourselves to see what we can find!

And we found this - I am shocked! Obviously, it's not me!!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Stash secrets

I've started taking photos of my stash for Ravelry but can't upload the pics til next month as I got over excited & put some of my holiday pics on Flickr!

But here's a taster of my stash as a whole - I have lots of projects in mind.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Frosty, frosty garden

It was surprisingly chilly this morning & when I opened the bathroom window I could see the frost on the garden. I never cease to be amazed by this as I grew up right by the sea so hardly ever saw frost or snow - I get excited at just 1mm of snow!! Whereas my Northern husband just laughs at blizzards & says things like " When I was a lad, we had snow up to the roof top"

I've been busy today uploading some holiday photos on to Flickr as I'm visiting my family over the weekend & it will save me taking my laptop - here they are. There's not too many as you can only upload 100MB for free.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

An ordinary day

Just a regular day today, nothing that exciting!

However, I am going to mention two things that I think are noteworthy. The first is just how much I love the changes of the seasons - the different light at this time of year, the high, think clouds that give the day a 'fuzzy' feeling and the shorter days. Obviously, I will get bored of the shorter days very quickly, so don't remind me about this in February!!

Also I heard about this on the radio today. I really believe that if everyone does their bit that we can change the world for the better although I try really hard not to get on my high horse about it, some times I do. This isn't one of those times (really). The Disc Drive campaign is easy to do & although I'm not great at donating to children's charities, young carers are one cause I will help. I think everyone could probably go through their Cds & DVDs & find one or two that they no longer watch or listen to - go for broke, it's nearly Xmas & you'll probably get some new ones for Xmas!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Xbox update

Grump, grump, grump - I have to send my Xbox away to the Xbox hospital.

First, I have to wait for postage labels, then I have to arrange for the courier to pick it up & then wait 15 (!) working days to get it back!! I'll be lucky to have it back by Christmas!

I am soooooooo frustrated about it as I really do love playing on it - Halo 3, Oblivion, Gears of War, you name it I'll try it. I think I need to take a couple of deep breaths & go back to the game sites I know & have loved before they were usurped by the 360, namely jay is & kewl box. I know I can easily waste my life away on the Xbox but I can just as easily waste it away on PC games as well. I'm starting to feel a bit calmer about it all but I may start to stress about it when I haven't been able to kill a few Brutes for a while....

Back to the weekend & we went to see 30 Days of Night - I really enjoyed it. It's dark, brutal & the vampires are weird looking & speak their own language.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Red ring of death

It's the ring of death on my Xbox 360!! I love my Xbox, I'm careful with it, I dust it & talk to it & still it's died on me!

I'll be back tomorrow - I just need some quiet time to cry in the corner

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Stitch n' Bitch Day UK

Yesterday was the first UK Stitch n' Bitch Day & it rocked!

Rain, Sarah & I caught a horribly early train from Bristol & made our way across to the venue to find lots & lots of lovely, happy knitters....

There was Debbie Stoller talking to Rain - just 2 degrees of separation!

We listened to Jane Waller talk about this book & although she has given the patterns all in wool, I think loads of them are lovely & could easily be substituted for more modern, soft yarns.

It was a great day & fabulous to see so many people knitting & chatting about knitting - more please next year & even better, a Bristol S n' B Day - watch this space!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Darn it!

Darn - all the hard work I put in preparing a post yesterday for today hasn't paid off as the post appeared as an edit of yesterday!!

Well, I guess that's an important lesson learned for me. This will have to count as my entry today even though it's very short.

However, the last part of yesterday's post is really today's!!

Here's another cat picture as you can never have too many. I think it shows just how I feel at the moment!!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Lazy Blogging - Kitty Cats

Just look at these gorgeous cats - how cute can they be? Their names are Alan (all black) & Miss Millie (black & white), they're brother & sister & I can't imagine not having them. Yeah - I know, this is absolutely the laziest blogging!
PS In the Shadow of the Moon was brilliant - really interesting & the astronauts seemed very humbled by their experiences. Go & see it when you get a chance.
PPS The I Knit event was FAB! Loads of knitting & chatting with a lovely atmosphere, I hope there's more to follow - pictures to follow.