Sunday, 25 May 2008

Broken nail

Yeah, yeah - I know this doesn't sound very exciting but sometimes life just is!! And today I'm sporting a war wound, it's not knitting related but stupidly slipping whilst opening a car door - doh!!

My nails have been going mentally over the past few weeks & so I've been sporting lovely summery colours but this will have to stop for a couple of weeks until the break grows out. You can see from the fuzzy picture on the left that my nail was quite long but broken almost halfway down (ouch!) & then on the right - the morning after, no nail varnish, much less fingernail.

Life will go on as usual though & you won't hear me complain as it's been superglued together to stop me ripping the rest of my nail off....

I have been knitting as well. I've nearly finished my Central Park Hoodie & am on my first sleeve so I will have it finished in time for the winter definately. And below is a picture of my Greta - a moss stitch turban from Let's Knit magazine.

It's a very quick knit even though it's quite long but look at the difference in the pieces!! They were knitted from the same pattern & I thought I'd knitted them identically!! Obviously not!! Never mind, as I've sewn up the seam & it looks okay although I am going to add some more rows to the ends.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


We went to see The Charlatans last night at Bristol Academy, which is a fab venue as it's fairly small & the stage runs horizontally long rather than deep so you feel near the front pretty much wherever you are. This is a major bonus if you're 5'2"!!

The Charlatans were fab as usual - I think I've seen them about 10 times, I know that sounds like a lot but they play the Academy on every tour, so it's not that hard to manage to get down to the centre to see them. Tim Burgess looked good, like he'd lost weight which sounds mean but he had little hip bumps which put me off my dancing!

It was a funny gig because it hadn't sold out & so it kind of felt like a school disco as there was plenty of space to dance around in.

I don't have any photos or clips because I know I was there & don't need a crappy mobile picture to remind that I was or prove to anyone that I was but I'm sure there'll be clips on YouTube as there seemed to be a forest of mobiles.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Good news on the kitty front!

Hurrah - both the kitties are feeling much, much better! Millie is back to her usual self, which means walking round the house, shouting for attention & Alan's nose is healing nicely although he's going to have a wicked scar.

Let's have a lovely tulip pic to celebrate, which I actually grew as well.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Poorly cats

Both my cats are poorly & we don't really know why or what's happened!

Alan, who is a simple, timid boy has come in with what looks like a burn on his nose. Honestly, he is scared of his own shadow so I don't think anyone has burnt his nose but maybe he's sniffed something & got burnt. Although it looks awful he seems okay in himself.

Millie on the other hand is definately unwell. So that meant a trip to the vet & she's lost about a third of her body weight & has ulcers on her tongue so isn't eating. She's just sleeping & drooling & as her tongue is sore, she can't wash herself so you can imagine she's feeling really sorry for herself.
We think that they both might have got some concrete or lime or something on themselves & then licked it or something. I'm sure they'll both be fine so watch this space....

Friday, 2 May 2008

All change

Before I really start I'm going to say that I love my scooter - it's the absolutely best thing in the world. I've had a scooter now for about 9 years & it's fabulous for getting around in Bristol as traffic here is a nightmare.

This is my scooter & very lovely it is too! It's a 200cc Vespa so I actually do have my full bike licence even if my bike is automatic.

But today I took it in to be resprayed. I am so excited about it because I have to say that this dark grey really isn't me but because I bought it when the GTs where first released there weren't many colours, at least it's slightly metallic...

It also means that these stupid little dints & scrapes will be gone. I'm not going to say what colour it's going to be, you'll just have to wait & see! Oh yeah, the other one's my husband's!