Monday, 23 July 2007

Wet weekend

Well, it's been a really odd weekend.

It rained like mad on all day Friday & locally there has been loads of flooding. My husband was stuck in Swindon for 10 hours. 10 hours!! That's like being in purgatory, I suppose the upside is that he did get home on Friday as he thought he might have to sleep in the station.

The last Harry Potter book came out Saturday & I rushed to the library to get my copy. Obviously, I read it immediately. And yes, it was worth waiting for!!

And then we went to see a film that I was very excited about for two reasons - Transformers. I grew up watching the cartoon before school and loved it then, so this was part of my childhood. Also there was a trailer shown in the US for the new JJ Abrams film, which I was busting to see. BUT as it was a preview of the film, there were no trailers, we even waited right until the end of the trailers to see if was going to be on then but no, no sign of it! Hmph!! Oh, yeah, the film was absolutely enjoyable, the effects are great and the story okay.

Tonight we're off to see The Bravery on a boat - that's right a boat. It always makes me feel a bit queasy for the first 30 minutes and then I seem to forget where I am.

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