Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Great American Adventure

So it's been nearly 2 months since I typed anything - that's a sure sign of the rest of my life.... That is I've had been too darn busy to put anything up and we were away for 3 weeks.

We spent 3 weeks driving around the Applachian Mountains in south east America, travelling just under 2500 miles (which is 2.5 times the length of the UK!!) in about 10 days. We started in Washington DC & ended up in Memphis, passing through Virginia, Tenessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri & Mississippi. I mean we did end up finally in Boston which is in Massachusetts but we didn't drive through it.

During our travels we met the most fantastic people & saw things I never, ever imagined that I would see - fireflies, Graceland & a real live rodeo are the first to spring to mind.

Anyway - a little less conversation, a little more action as the King would say, so here's some pics.

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Saira said...

Wow, that looks like a fantastic trip. What an adventure. Hope to see you at Iknit day next week.