Sunday, 7 September 2008

i Knit London

Crikey! It's been a busy weekend with I Knit 2008 & the River Cottage Autumn Festival!

So, yesterday Sarah & I went up to London to the I Knit Day & it was fantastic!! There were knitters & crocheters galore, there was yarn to fondle & buy & there was, wait for it, the Yarn Harlot!! She was absolutely brilliant - funny, intelligent & natural. We had such a fun day! I got to meet up with folks from the interwebs & KCG - hello there interweb friends *waves*

Then today we whizzed off down the M5 to see Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at the River Cottage Fair. I have to say it was very very muddy - just look at Mr Setters, doesn't he just look like a city boy?? Of course, I knitted both days but forgot to take a pic of me knitting in London so got a pic of me knitting in a much more rural environment.

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Saira said...

It was nice to see you again. River cottage looks like fun, and dryer than Saturday!!