Friday, 21 December 2007

Early Christmas Present

Way back in the summer, I asked my husband if he'd buy me a tattoo for Christmas & I must have asked him whilst he was having a funny five minutes because he actually said Yes!! So, I've waited & waited until yesterday & I went to have my new tattoo. And here's the photos of before & after, with a close up!!

My goodness, it hurt loads & it was only the tattooist, Kamil, being very quick that stopped me fainting!! I'm really pleased with it & can't wait to show it off this summer - look out Bristol!


Saira said...

That is lovely! Well done for sticking it out, I've heard before that having a tattoo on your foot is mega painful.

Kimberly said...

Oh how cool!! I have a small tattoo on my right foot too. Mine is a white cat paw that didn't take long to do but I know just how much they hurt. Yours is great!!