Saturday, 15 December 2007

Glory Box

Woohoo - I'm very excited!! I managed to get tickets to see Portishead tonight in Bristol!! The gig was announced last Friday whilst we were rushing off to my sister in law's wedding & promptly 'sold out' within minutes.

After agonising over whether to pay a stupid amount for tickets on Ebay, I decided to call the venue & check for returns, which they don't do BUT the lovely man who answered the phone said very cryptically "Call this number, they may have tickets, they may not" I'll called & lo & behold they had tickets at face value!! Yippee!! So, my words of wisdom for anyone who thinks a gig is sold out are always ring the venue & check because there's always hope.

Whilst I was looking at Ebay yesterday I found 10 reasons this blogger loves to knit socks - I would have to add that buying yarn for socks is relatively cheap & so pick me up for under £10!!

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