Friday, 2 May 2008

All change

Before I really start I'm going to say that I love my scooter - it's the absolutely best thing in the world. I've had a scooter now for about 9 years & it's fabulous for getting around in Bristol as traffic here is a nightmare.

This is my scooter & very lovely it is too! It's a 200cc Vespa so I actually do have my full bike licence even if my bike is automatic.

But today I took it in to be resprayed. I am so excited about it because I have to say that this dark grey really isn't me but because I bought it when the GTs where first released there weren't many colours, at least it's slightly metallic...

It also means that these stupid little dints & scrapes will be gone. I'm not going to say what colour it's going to be, you'll just have to wait & see! Oh yeah, the other one's my husband's!

1 comment:

Saira said...

Can't wait to see the new colour scheme.