Monday, 5 May 2008

Poorly cats

Both my cats are poorly & we don't really know why or what's happened!

Alan, who is a simple, timid boy has come in with what looks like a burn on his nose. Honestly, he is scared of his own shadow so I don't think anyone has burnt his nose but maybe he's sniffed something & got burnt. Although it looks awful he seems okay in himself.

Millie on the other hand is definately unwell. So that meant a trip to the vet & she's lost about a third of her body weight & has ulcers on her tongue so isn't eating. She's just sleeping & drooling & as her tongue is sore, she can't wash herself so you can imagine she's feeling really sorry for herself.
We think that they both might have got some concrete or lime or something on themselves & then licked it or something. I'm sure they'll both be fine so watch this space....

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Saira said...

Poor pussies. Give them a hug from me. Hope they are better soon.