Wednesday, 14 May 2008


We went to see The Charlatans last night at Bristol Academy, which is a fab venue as it's fairly small & the stage runs horizontally long rather than deep so you feel near the front pretty much wherever you are. This is a major bonus if you're 5'2"!!

The Charlatans were fab as usual - I think I've seen them about 10 times, I know that sounds like a lot but they play the Academy on every tour, so it's not that hard to manage to get down to the centre to see them. Tim Burgess looked good, like he'd lost weight which sounds mean but he had little hip bumps which put me off my dancing!

It was a funny gig because it hadn't sold out & so it kind of felt like a school disco as there was plenty of space to dance around in.

I don't have any photos or clips because I know I was there & don't need a crappy mobile picture to remind that I was or prove to anyone that I was but I'm sure there'll be clips on YouTube as there seemed to be a forest of mobiles.

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