Sunday, 25 May 2008

Broken nail

Yeah, yeah - I know this doesn't sound very exciting but sometimes life just is!! And today I'm sporting a war wound, it's not knitting related but stupidly slipping whilst opening a car door - doh!!

My nails have been going mentally over the past few weeks & so I've been sporting lovely summery colours but this will have to stop for a couple of weeks until the break grows out. You can see from the fuzzy picture on the left that my nail was quite long but broken almost halfway down (ouch!) & then on the right - the morning after, no nail varnish, much less fingernail.

Life will go on as usual though & you won't hear me complain as it's been superglued together to stop me ripping the rest of my nail off....

I have been knitting as well. I've nearly finished my Central Park Hoodie & am on my first sleeve so I will have it finished in time for the winter definately. And below is a picture of my Greta - a moss stitch turban from Let's Knit magazine.

It's a very quick knit even though it's quite long but look at the difference in the pieces!! They were knitted from the same pattern & I thought I'd knitted them identically!! Obviously not!! Never mind, as I've sewn up the seam & it looks okay although I am going to add some more rows to the ends.

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