Sunday, 18 November 2007


I have a difficult relationship with most of my family. Well, I say difficult when actually what I mean is no relationship with them! I'm the oldest of six children & I manage to speak to just one of my brothers - the one I visited this weekend. My dad died when I was quite young, I have no aunts or uncles to speak of & no grandparents alive & the less said about my Mum & our relationship, the better. I'm not complaining, just saying how it is.

So, to go back to Worthing on Friday, on my own was really hard. I left home on the evening of my last A-level & haven't really looked back & it's kind of like Worthing has stayed mostly the same.

This is my little brother, Toby & his two boys. When I see him with his kids, I can't believe that he's younger than me! He seems so grown up.

And this is the whole family - Toby, Daniella & the 3 children. I'm so proud of T & D & what they've acheived - they have 3 beautiful children, a lovely home & a mad dog!

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