Wednesday, 14 November 2007

An ordinary day

Just a regular day today, nothing that exciting!

However, I am going to mention two things that I think are noteworthy. The first is just how much I love the changes of the seasons - the different light at this time of year, the high, think clouds that give the day a 'fuzzy' feeling and the shorter days. Obviously, I will get bored of the shorter days very quickly, so don't remind me about this in February!!

Also I heard about this on the radio today. I really believe that if everyone does their bit that we can change the world for the better although I try really hard not to get on my high horse about it, some times I do. This isn't one of those times (really). The Disc Drive campaign is easy to do & although I'm not great at donating to children's charities, young carers are one cause I will help. I think everyone could probably go through their Cds & DVDs & find one or two that they no longer watch or listen to - go for broke, it's nearly Xmas & you'll probably get some new ones for Xmas!!

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