Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy, busy

We've lived here for nearly 8 years and had the whole place redecorated, carpeted, new wooden floors and a wall knocked down but have we bought curtains for 2 of the rooms?

Like I said earlier in the week, I seem to be having a 'spring clean' and tidying and de-cluttering each room slowly. Today I decided to get the curtains and blind for these 2 rooms and went to Ikea.

Now you may think that this would be hell on earth on a Saturday but I was very prepared, having looked at the catalogue and chosen what I wanted, and then I was very focussed when I was in there. I could tell there where a lot of people there who thought it would be a good idea 'just to have a look'. They were shilly-shallying around, very slowly, not really looking at anything and I'm sure they'll all spend loads on the useless things that Ikea can tempt you with - I know I've been there!!

In the end I bought a pair of plain curtains for the middle room, a white blind for my office and a light (mine's got black plant prints on) for the living room to encourage me to keep the table tidy.

So, I'm very pleased with that. I managed to get rid of about 25 old cookery books as well that I have never used.

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