Friday, 9 November 2007

Spilt time

I'm in two minds as to how to write my blog - do I talk about things I've done? Or do I talk about things I'm going to do? Or do I just blog away in both the past, present or future & let you decipher it?

Who knows?

Anyway, this weekend is fairly busy, which is quite unusual as I like to take it easy at the weekends & find time to play on Xbox Live. But we're off to the Watershed tonight to see In The Shadow Of The Moon, which I think will be great on the bog screen.

And then tomorrow I'm off to London with some of the Knit Chicks to see Amy Stoller! I am very excited about this as I don't think she comes to the UK often. We're going to the I Knit event, so more about that on Sunday as I'll be back late tomorrow - don't worry I'm sure I'll blog something to stay up to date with NaNoBloMo!!

And then on Sunday, 30 Days of Night is calling - Josh Hartlett fighting vampires - how can it get any better!! And shopping for a wedding outfit & looking at new kitchens - phew, what a weekend.

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