Thursday, 1 November 2007

Day of the Dead

Happy Day of the Dead! I'm not sure that it's quite the right thing to do but I like the idea of celebrating death once a year, to celebrate I made Fave Dei Morte or Beans of the Dead - they're meant to look like broad beans but don't really. And it's also Samhain, so happy new year as well. You can also see that I'm quite happy mixing up my beliefs and religions.

For me this feels like a better time of year to have a new start as everything is dying back and preparing for winter, the traditional New Year allows feels like a time for staying still and recuperating.

So, I've started lots of new projects that I can talk about over the coming month, which is great news as I've just signed up to NaBloPoMo , which means I have to blog every day for a whole month!

Including weekends!

Be prepared to read about the most mind numbing minutia of my life!

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